English afternoons for children – English day care


We are open every weekday from 12:00am to 05:30pm since September 2013.  The afternoons are meant for the first, second and third graders.  All communication is in English.

Native speaker and Czech teacher (with excellent English) guide the children through an afternoon full of games, music and art to develop children´s creativity, English lessons to improve their grammar,  exercises for their physical development and a lot of fun. Our year-round teaching plan is methodically processed on the basis of Cambridge Young Learners Tests content and it follows up the school curriculum.

Our aim is to develop children’s language skills mostly during informal activities so that they begin to use English naturally and with pleasure. There are up to 11 children in one group. The clubs are placed in villas with gardens. If the weather is nice a lot of activities will take place outside.

We escort children from school to Wonder Club.

It is possible to attend Wonder Club only on individual days (from once a week to every day). We offer an electronic compensatory system which will allow you to seek compensation for properly excused absence.


Our program

Relaxation – after arrival to the club we have a rest with reading and listening to fairy tales and singing songs – everything in English, of course.

Sport – we take advantage of the garden for varied sport activities and games to the utmost degree. In case of bad weather we do the exercises inside in the playroom (yoga for children).

English lesson – after the afternoon rest and physical activities we have regular English lessons that are based on a year-round plan. Children work with Incredible English textbooks. There are up to 6 children in a group. Children are divided according to their level of English.

Snack – children bring their own snack and drink.

Creative activities, free play – in accordance with the topic we draw, cook, sing, dance, play drama, conduct science experiments, compete, play games, practice gardening, play logical games, etc.

In case of your interest we can help the children with their English homework.

All activities in Wonder Club end at 0530pm.


Wonder Club is equipped with any amount of toys and games, teaching tools, art materials and sports equipment. The children have English books and magazines at their disposal. The room is divided into two areas – workspace with tables and chairs and playroom with pillows and free space.

Attending the English club regularly your children will pick up English very quickly and their communication skills will improve a lot because they will hear English 5.5 hours a day. This is a big difference in comparison with standard school education which takes place in the environment of a school class no more than three times a week.



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